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Macramania Jewelry is manufactured using exclusively selected materials of the highest quality .


Only genuine gemstones and semi-precious stones are processed in our jewelry and are chosen with much care. Each stone is unique as our designs and their wearers are. 

To make our jewelry last long time, all materials are enclosed without adhesives, from stone to about yarn and metal.

The yarns used are pliant on the skin, absolutely tear-resistant, washable and colorfast. The Processed metals bronze and brass are compatible for the skin, insensitive to oxidation and easy to polish.

So our creations can be worn permanently on the skin, whether in water, rain or...


Markets & Festivals

Since 2012, we are offering our arts with our stall at Markets and Festivals.
Upcoming events can be found in the list on the right.

Technique & History

  • About Macrame

    Macrame is a native technique of knotting from the Orient whose origin dates back until about the year 1800 BC. Chr. Throughout its history, it was used in different variations and steadily advanced and developed, among other things as clothing, carpets and wall decoration to practical applications such as bridle for riding animals, hammocks, bags and containers.

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